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Q and A with your Changing Room Stylist: How to deal with winter hair woes!

Aventura is lucky to have some of the best weather in the US in the winter months, however there are still persistent hair struggles that all face in the winter months. Changing Room Stylists Kimberly B and Shelby C have offered these helpful tips this week to help your hair in the winter months!

Frizz, hair static, dull color- these and other issues seem to be worse come winter. What can we do?

“For frizzy or static hair you can spray a hair spray from a few inches away and then smooth with your hands. You can even spray it on your hands and then smooth it onto your hair. Dull color can always be livened by a glaze or just using a shampoo that deposits a little bit of color.” – Shelby C.
“Using a fabric softener over your hair will take away the static.” – Kimberly B.

Looking for a glaze or shampoo with a little color? Contact a member of The Changing Room Salon today!