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5 Trendy Hair Colors For This Valentine’s Day

The new year marks the beginning of several new aspects including new resolutions, new promises, new goals and new trends. With the onset of first month of the year, begins the preparations for the most romantic month of the year; february or the Valentine’s month. It is believed to be the best time of the year to confess your love or deepen the bonds with your other half. Valentine’s preparations are same for both the genders, it generally includes makeovers and gift shopping. Hair-do is a significant part of the Valentine makeovers and has to be appropriate. This blog is particularly for all those ladies that are in a turmoil and aren’t able to select a hair-do for Valentine’s Day. Mentioned below are some of the most trendy hair colors that are available at every beauty & hair salon.

1) Rose Gold Balayage

Rose has always been the primary element of love and the presence of rose gold hair is quite evident from the same fact. Rose gold is the hottest color in 21st century, be it in a mobile phone or the hair, rose gold slays every time. Pairing it up with balayage is the best option, if you aren’t willing to commit much to the color. So, whenever you head to your beauty & hair salon for a hair makeover, ask your stylist to color your hair in the subtle rose gold balayage color and witness the magic on your own.


2) Dark Caramel Brown

The next one on our list is the ever so stylish dark caramel brown hair color. Brown locks have always been so trendy and can never go out of style, adding a caramel touch to the same results in a tremendously beautiful hair color. This color has a medium level of depth and suits almost every skin tone. Try it out and you will love it for sure!


3) Golden Wheat

Golden wheat or the blonde wheat is the best look if you are willing to get blonde hair color done. Very few blonde shades actually suit every skin tone and golden wheat color is one of them. The absolute wheatish finish ends up looking soft and light on your hair. The shade is so irresistible and rich in color, that you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting it done.


4) Deep red

Red are the evergreens of hair colors but when it comes to Valentine’s, be a bit choosy with the red for your hair. Deep red hair color is the most fascinating of the entire red hair color range. It gives you a petite, trendy and cute look altogether. It looks best when you pair it with a black outfit.


5) Peacock Green

Another very trendy hair color to strike on, in 2108 is the peacock green and, what better time could it be to try it out other than the Valentine’s Day. It looks the best at the tips of the hair locks and elicits a magnificent look. The best part about this hair color is that, it looks amazing on every hair length. Be it a short bob or the long dense hair style, peacock green stuns everywhere.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s high time you get your hair makeover done. Visiting a decent beauty & hair salon is mandatory before the month of love and romance approaches. For all the amazingly trendy hair colors mentioned above, visit the The changing room today and get insane deals on makeovers.