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Hair Care Tips For Healthier and Stronger Hair

Some of the most common hair care issues include hair loss, dandruff, damaged hair, and split ends. Left untreated, these recurring issues may cause stress, thus causing more damage to your hair. In this blog, we will discuss some essential and natural hair care tips at home you must follow to attain your desired healthy hair growth.

Hair receives a lot of daily attention from experts and enthusiasts alike. Most people also experiment with the newest hair color and heat styling equipment. These trends do give us short-term happiness but may also cause long-term damage to the hair strands.

We should also agree that healthy hair does take away a lot of stress about our appearance. When you have strong hair, you don’t need to do much more than a flip to make it seem attractive. You can do several things to maintain healthy hair, from controlling your dyeing routine to keeping an eye on the chemicals you’re allowing to get through the barriers in your hair shaft. Visit KTS and get a hair replacement treatment now.

Follow a high protein diet
What percentage of protein do you think makes up a hair follicle? A vitamin called biotin is necessary to synthesize proteins in our hair cells. Therefore, eating protein and amino acids is necessary for maintaining your hair and promoting hair growth. Nutritional protein-rich foods include chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, low-fat dairy products, beans, almonds, and peas. So, if you are still undecided about how to take care of hair, we recommend you start with a high protein diet first to build on your energy reserves.

Take the required vitamins
To ensure that your hair gets the required grade of nutrients to produce healthy and beautiful locks, taking the correct types of vitamins in your diet is crucial. Hair loss control is best accomplished by including vitamins like Biotin, Niacin (Vitamin B3), and Vitamin C, and minerals like zinc and iron in the diet.

It also helps to use hair care products enriched with such nutrients. They will give the nutrition your hair and scalp need to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Adopting the Mediterranean diet
A 2018 study found that a diet rich in salad and fresh herbs may minimize the chances of developing androgenic alopecia (male baldness or female hair loss condition). This is among the best daily hair care tips for hair fall.

Get a scalp massage with essential oils
Here’s one of our best hair care tips- massage your scalp regularly. While most of us know that essential oils may help with stress reduction, did you know that they can also help with healthy hair growth? Both almond and castor hair oils have been shown in studies to help increase hair growth and enhance blood circulation.

Talking about essential oils, we have a wide range of hair oils that helps with healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss, giving the scalp a good enhancement for blood circulation. Amongst these, our BhringAmla and Onion hair oils are the best sellers and are recommended for boosting hair growth and helping provide strength and shine to your hair.

Make sure you choose the appropriate essential oils for your hair issue. For example, experts advise using coconut oil, castor oil, and onion oil to stop hair loss. These natural hair oils also help increase hair strength and thickness because of their benefits.

Use a gentle and toxin-free shampoo to wash your hair regularly
It is not advisable to wash your hair too frequently because it can dry out your scalp and drive natural oils from your scalp. This might weaken the hair roots and cause hair loss, and you may make it worse by applying a chemically-enriched hair care product. However, to thoroughly eliminate dirt and odors like sweat and dust, you still need to wash your hair often.

Washing your hair using light shampoos provides adequate cleaning without causing further irritation or harm to your hair and scalp. However, if your hair is sticky or unclean, you should think about using a stronger shampoo once a week and a milder wash the rest of the time.