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What Causes Hair Breakage and How To Prevent It

Having a healthy head of hair is the dream for many women, yet a hectic, modern lifestyle makes it difficult for this dream to come true. Our busy schedules leave us little time to properly take care of our hair. As a result, our hair suffers from split ends and breakage.

There are numerous reasons for this. Here we have compiled some of the more common reasons for hair damage and various solutions to prevent it.


1. Styling wet hair leads to breakage

Wetting your hair puts it in a very weak and vulnerable state. Brushing or combing may help brush through tangles, but can damage your hair and result in split ends if done incorrectly. Knowing this, what are some solution you can take?


After washing your hair, be sure to towel dry your hair as much as possible. Detangle your strands with your fingers. If it is absolutely necessary to use a comb, use a reconstructive spray and wide-toothed comb. Start from the very ends of the hair and work your up towards the scalp.


2. Too-tight ponytails and other hairstyles can lead to thinning hair

A top bun is a great way to keep your hair from distracting you while you work. In addition, it’s a style statement that goes well with coats, scarves, and hoods. Tight pony-tails can lead to stress on the hairline and will ultimately lead to breakage.


A simple solution to this is change your hair styles regularly and tie your hair loosely to avoid breakage. For example, braids are much gentler on the scalp than ponytails!


3. You skip hair trimming regularly

Regularly trimming your hair is a must to avoid breakage. Split ends are a common problem and regular haircuts can gets rid of this and keep your hair healthy.

Knowing this, you should visit your salon every month and get yourself a nice haircut.


4. Not maintaining a proper diet

The key to keeping your hair and body healthy is a good diet that is rich in healthy food options. For your vitamins, getting sufficient protein is a basic requirement. This can repair the weak spots of your hair and strengthen it. Foods such as salmon, nuts, avocado, and bananas are high in healthy fats that help nourish hair.

Keeping your hair moisturized and eating nutritious foods can prevent hair fallout due to breakage.


5. Visit the professionals for styling and treatment

Thermal tools and chemical treatments for the hair are a globally recognized norm that many people use. Women resort to using flat irons and other styling tools that use heat to style their hair. However, using heat can severely dry out your and enhances breakage if not used properly. So if you enjoy styling your hair, then visit a salon to get it professionally styled. This method is much safer because an expert will be better equipped to manage your hair. In addition, hair salons can provide hair treatments which are a must to keep your strands healthy. A good hair salon will take care of all your hair care needs.


With the above mentioned tips, you can surely say goodbye to breakage. If you’re looking for expert in all things hair care, the Changing Room Salon is a great place for you. Voted among the top 200 best salons in the U.S, our salon professionals are experienced in enhancing your luscious locks and keeping them looking beautiful!