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Unravelling the Myths of Hairdressing and Hair Care

For years we’ve heard myths about hair from brushing while it is dry to sleeping with it while it’s wet. We’ve even heard myths about styling and coloring. Every one has their opinion on what is good or bad for their hair. Today, we are going to debunk some of those common hair misconceptions and set the record straight when it comes to hair do’s and don’ts.

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MYTH #1 – Frequent color can cause severe damage to your hair

This myth is pretty common, it is both true and false! Depending on the color service, damage is a part of taking the hair out of its natural state. I get it, no one wants to have grey hair. ( Unless, that is the look that you’re going for.)

Frequent color services that cause little to no damage are typically done with a low volume developer or involve making the hair darker. However, on the flip side, extreme color changes and bleaching the hair, if done incorrectly by someone who is not a professional, can cause severe damage. It is always encouraged to consult a professional at a hair salon when you want to do any color service to your hair.
MYTH #2 – You can’t make your thin, flat hair look voluminous

This is so FALSE! There are volumizing and thickening products on the market today to add some oomph to your locks. There is also an array of tools and techniques that will help you recreate the looks that your hairstylist gives you in the salon.

There are also color techniques that help to create the illusion of thicker hair by adding dimension and shine. For ladies with hair on the thinner side, adding carefully placed highlights and lowlights adds peaks and hollows to an overall look that will, in turn, create the illusion of volume.
MYTH #3 – Do not use conditioners if you have oily hair

This is one is also false. Greasy hair is the result of a mixture of sweat, oil, and sebum building up on the scalp. Skipping conditioner is not the way to go when trying to solve this problem because the scalp will generate the moisture that it is lacking by secreting more sebum onto the scalp thus perpetuating the problem.

If you are prone to oily hair, start applying conditioner to the ends of the hair and work your way up. When you are doing this, you are applying the conditioner to where it is needed the most and then using the residual product that is mixed with water to the scalp to keep it moisturized.

No singular person’s hair is perfect and it’s pretty shocking that of these misconceptions about hair still exist today. For do’s and don’ts to old wives tales but, one this is for sure… Your friendly neighborhood hairstylist is always there to help you avoid any confusion on how to hair for your hair and they will always be there for you to work their magic so you can reach your #hairgoals.