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Hair Secrets from Your Stylists at Changing Room!

“Never flat iron wet hair, it becomes more vulnerable to breakage. Be sure to eat enough protein to ensure adequate amounts of iron in your diet. Iron as well as the protein amino acids are important components for healthy hair.” _ Daniella The Changing Room

~If you have any form of wave or curl in your hair, it’s best to rinse and condition rather than shampooing. The buildup of product and natural oils will help hold your hair down. If your hair is more straight, then you may need to do a light shampoo only on the scalp, so it does not appear too oily. Do this every 3-5 days depending on your hair, then follow with a full shampoo. – Stephanie The Changing Room

~Spray a light mist of Urban Decay’s ‘De-Slick Make Up Setting Spray’ all over your face, after your make up application, this will help keep your makeup looking fresh and in place through out the days heat. – Dani The Changing Room

~Instead of using foundation during these next few summer months, I like Benefit’s Big Easy BB Cream. It dries to a silk powder finish and it doesn’t feel like it is suffocating the pores. – Dani The Changing Room

~My hair has the Ombre’ look and if I spend too much time in the sun I feel like my hair turns to a ‘hay’ texture. I have been able to avoid this by using Aveda’s ‘Dry Remedy Moisturizing Oil’ before a night out, this has helped to “freshen” my hair, apply before blow dries. – Dani The Changing Room

~3-Min “Fresh Look” – powder or bronze the face then use your blush brush, after applying to the cheeks, to dab a little on the eyelids finish with a pop of lip-gloss grab your keys and you’re out the door looking fresh! – Yami The Changing Room

~ Loose powder is a perfect way to get the oil and uneven tones of your skin without feeling clogged and overdone. You can use it daily for a fresh look. – Yami The Changing Room

~AG’s Fastfood Leave in conditioner is a great summer product that helps to maintain frizz while creating a shine at the same time. Whether you want to style your hair with it or just leave it dry naturally both prove to be wonderful. It’s perfect for those long pool and beach days too. – Yami The Changing Room changing room