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10 Trending Hairstyles To Choose From


Everyone is craving for a new look these days. The charm of your personality fades away with the monotonous hairstyle. Do you want a fresh look, here are a few of the options. Try these amazing haircuts and add a spark to your personality:


1. Freya
This hairstyle is an ideal choice for people sporting short hair. The stylist will adjust longer hair on the top and shorter ones on sides. The pattern resembles fringes. This hairdo suits the medium textured hair and oval faced people.

2. Camille

This hairstyle is perfect for medium hair length. This chic haircut looks super cool with curls as well as straight. In this style, the hair is trimmed short from behind and kept longer towards the front. Medium textured hair density and wider faced people can opt for  this haircut.

3. Caroline

This bob haircut has layers framing the face with side fringes. The dense fringes cover an eye, making it perfect for people with wide forehead. It creates an illusion of shorter face. This haircut appears to be perfect for the people with long face.

4. Renata

This haircut naturally comes to face and finishes at chin. Longer in the front and shorter at the back, this haircut is framed in layers. The partition of the hair is in extreme direction allowing dramatic bangs on forehead. This haircut will be perfect for people with medium density hair and wide face.


5. Bonnie
This haircut gives an undercut effect as the partition of hair falls on the short side. The layers on the top are dense and become thin from the sides. This haircut looks perfect on oval faces.


6. Celeste

Perfect for medium length hair, this style is layered following the natural head shape. This haircut complements both curls and ironed hair. It lets your hair breathe and provides a chic look. Natural curl or wavy hair with oval face are necessary for this haircut.

7. Hannah

This haircut is comparatively very short from the back and pretty long from front. The angle of the haircut is very steep. This provides layers and movement to the hair. This hairstyle will look perfect on people with wider face having medium to heavy haircut.

8. Madeline

This is a pixie haircut with heavy layers. The long layers provides a dense look. The haircut is ideal for oval  shaped face and heavy to medium density of hair.

9. Mullet

Mullet was never appreciated in the past but the modern mullet look edgy. This haircut appears to be short like those of men falling from front and long from back. People with wider face can carry this haircut well.

10. Bob

This classic bob haircut is ideal for round or semi-oval face shapes. Lately, this haircut is getting trendier for grey hair. Bob is never out of fashion as it matches the shape of your head.

It’s time to take an action to get a hair makeover! You can get charming hairstyle by trying the abovementioned options . If you want to flaunt  your look, get in touch with us now!