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Tips To Get Rid Of Acne After Waxing

For living a healthy life, it is really important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the body. A major aspect associated with cleanliness and hygiene, especially for women is waxing. It is the process of removal of hair grown on the body, with the help of hot wax. The services related to waxing are present at almost every beauty & hair salon in the world. Waxing is an essential process as it helps women in maintaining their personal hygiene and cleanliness.

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But there are some major after-effects of waxing that might cause some serious issues. The occurrence of acne and rashes soon after waxing different parts of the body is quite common and is experienced by almost every women. By the time you reach the end of this blog, you will have a list of tips that will help you get rid of the acne after waxing.

Post Acne Care

Almost everybody has experienced acne soon after hitting the beauty & hair salon for waxing. Following points will help you take proper care of acne and rashes after waxing: –

  • Lemon Juice

Applying lemon juice extracted from fresh lemons can soothe your skin a lot. Acne and rashes are often painful and infectious, using something as natural as lemon juice consisting of Vitamin C has been proven to cure acne and rash marks. It is noteworthy here, that you must not use the artificial lemon juice available in juice bottles, but use fresh lemons to squeeze out some lemon juice.

  • Ice cubes

In case your skin has bumps or acne that are accompanied by blood spotting or streams, the best option to treat is by applying ice cubes on the same. Rubbing the ice cubes on the infected area can work wonders and can instantly end the pain and control inflammation.

  • Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is one miraculous substance that has been beneficial in almost every health and beauty related problem faced by humans. The soothing power of aloe vera has been helpful in the treatment of acne after waxing as well. Applying aloe vera gel on the affected area can help get rid of both acne as well as the acne marks after waxing.

  • Witch Hazel/Astringent

Astringent is a remarkable solution for all cuts and wounds on human body. Also, it is known to be antiseptic and therefore can remove all the harmful pathogens around the affected area. Using it on a pimple or rashes after waxing helps in creating an antiseptic space around the acne which helps it to heal faster. Witch Hazel is another astringent solution used for the same purpose. Both, witch hazel and astringent are used by a majority of beauty & hair salons as post waxing treatment.

Waxing is an essential part of the body care regime and is adopted by almost every individual. Almost everything comes along with an associated side effect and likewise, the side effect associated with waxing is rashes and acne. Following some of the above mentioned tips will help you out in treatment of acne and rashes. The best way to avoid these after effects of acne is by getting waxing services from The Changing Rooms Salon, as they use the best practises and posses the best pre-waxing regimes.