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Woman having a consultation with a beauty professional

Surviving Consultation With Your New Beauty Professional

Looking for someone to take care of your beauty needs can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a change or new to an area, one of the most daunting parts of seeing someone new to help you update your look is the consultation. It’s the proverbial “ First Date “ of any beauty service. Speaking from a hairstylist stand point, here are the Top 4 suggestions for surviving your first visit to a new hair salon…

Bring pictures. It gives the stylist an idea of the look that your going for. Things that you like. Even show the stylist pictures of things that you don’t like for clarification. Trying to decipher words can sometimes lead to miscommunication and that leads to unhappy hair — which is the last thing anyone wants.

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Be honest. If you’ve used box dye at home, TELL US. We won’t get upset. It may seem like we do when you start to give you our speech about the downside of it, but — of we’re asking you to be honest — WE’VE even done it. It’s what brought us to the profession in the first place because we wanted to discover how to remedy hair trauma that we’ve inflicted upon ourselves and we’re just trying to save you money and headaches. ( PRO TIP: If you can tell us your hair care routine — like products/shampoo/conditioner you use — it makes us REALLY HAPPY )

Be realistic. We would love to take someone from a black to white blonde in one day after just a few hours. We would love to give everyone the hair of their dreams. That being said, it may take more than one visit to get you to your desired color while maintaining the integrity and health of your hair. It’s not that we want your money, we just don’t want you to make a bad investment with something as important to you, and us, as your hair.

Set a budget. Not matter which way you cut the pie, hair in an investment. You take the time to go to a salon and purchase product, it should be a place where the techniques are cutting edge and the retail is effective. We, as stylist, take the time to get the education we need to keep you looking like you could grace the cover of a magazine. We also work hard to be sure that we’re carrying products that will protect our work and your investment. Setting a budget will help the stylist determine a course of action for helping you achieve your #hairgoals.


Visiting a new beauty professional or hairstylist can seem like a pretty scary task whether you’re new to the neighborhood or just looking for a change. Hopefully these tips will help you wade through your choices and won’t have you diving off the deep end of hair dispare.

“ Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off. “