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6 Ways to Add Shine, Smoothness and Life Back in Your Hair

Who doesn’t want long, thick, and smooth hair texture that makes a fashion statement! These essential hair tips will make you look more beautiful and aesthetically appealing. With age, the natural lustre of the hair becomes weaker due to hormonal transitions. While these problems can be managed to an extent, there is a lot that can be done to battle against the hair damage.

Here are few tips that can help you stop damaging your hair and help bring more life into your locks


  1. Taking Care of Wet Hair


Avoid using brushes or any hard substance on the hair when it is wet is very important. . When your hair is wet, it is highly vulnerable to damage made by harsh rubbing or stretching.  This can easily loosen hair follicles out from the roots or even break from the surface. Also, using any sort of heat such as a hair dryer can add a lot to the damage.


  1. Let hair get dried out naturally


Naturally drying the hair is the best thing you can do for it. Using any sort of blow dryers or heat drying technique can aggravate possible issues such as scalp dryness as these methods can rip oil from the hair and scalp surface. Also, using a straightening iron on your hair is something that you should skip doing all together. Experts in a salon are trained to handle these equipments appropriately and it does not matter how extensively you have been working with a flat iron, it requires a certain set of skills and knowledge. In short, let your salon professional do that for you.


  1. Try out Treatments


Using a hair salon treatment is all about using the right products that adds volume and smoothness to your hair. These products may vary with hair type and can be difficult to understand the difference between various products. The best you can do is to let an  expert decide a good product for your hair type.


  1. Regular Cleaning


Cleaning your hair is very important and the most basic step of hair management. Experts suggest washing your hair daily.

However, if you’d like to wash your hair less often , then at least twice a week will be sufficient.


  1. Fix it up


It has been found that the fixed hair is  less prone to damage as open hair tend to fly away  and you might play around with it  subconsciously at work. Also, keeping it  tied in a braid  can take away the potential possibilities of damaging your hair .


  1. Eat Healthy foods


Your hair requires essential nutrients and the nourishment starts within the roots. Eating healthy, fresh and nutritious  foods can help your hair maintain its beauty and radiance. When your body is lacking these nutrients, it can be easily seen in your hair and throughout your whole body.


At Changing Rooms, we make sure that you get best out of the popular hair treatment methods and techniques. Contact us at 305.944.8821 or visit our website for more information.