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4 Tips For Men To Tame Those Curly Manes

Does styling your curly, unruly hair take up too much time in the morning without the payout? Well, styling a huge mop on your head could be a nightmare for anyone. However, if you learn how to tame those locks, your ringlets can work to your benefit. You can channel your inner Kit Harrington, aka Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow. So how can you bend your curly hair according to your will? Well, that’s exactly why we’re here!



Men have a number of excuses for renouncing their curly hair, such as it being too time- consuming, too “girly,” and too expensive to keep up. These disadvantages, however, are based on common misconceptions for curly hair. There are many tips and suggestions that can keep your locks from killing your time and budget.


Here are some suggestions for taming that gorgeous head of curly hair:


  1. Shampoo Less


To begin with, adding a few small tweaks to your morning routine can really transform your hair in a number of ways. Twisty locks tend to go frizzy fast and dehydrated hair is a common culprit. So, try lowering the frequency in which you shampoo in the shower. Doing so will prevent your hair from getting rid of its natural moisture, which can leave your hair dry as a result.


Moreover, this will help your hair in retaining the natural oils and will give it a healthy shine. After getting out of the shower, avoid vigorously rubbing your hair dry. To keep your curls together, be sure to pat them dry if necessary.


  1. More Hair Conditioner


Guys may draw a blank mind when they’re asked about conditioner. But to keep your ringlets from drying and of course frizzing, you need to start conditioning your hair regularly. Make sure the conditioner you are using is designed to retain the moisture of your curls. Conditioner will simply enhance the look, feel, and style that your hair deserves.


To use a conditioner, wet your hair and coat it with the right hair product. Leave it for about 2-4 minutes into your hair before rinsing it. You can do this right after shampooing your hair in the shower. Also, a leave-in conditioner is a fine choice for good results and you won’t even have to spend extra time in the shower.


  1. No Hair Pulling


It’s a common issue for curly hair individuals to suffer from hair loss due to the simple fact that they pull their hair. So, to avoid hair pulling, use your fingers to comb them. If you come to find any knots, then lubricate your hair with some conditioner. Also, make sure when tying your hair to release some tension by slightly pulling in the opposite direction from where the tension is located.


  1. A Wide-Toothed Comb


Men with curly hair normally uses a regular comb, which can be considered a huge mistake on their part. Do not pull, twist, or tear your fragile curly hair with a regular comb. Avoid this method at all cost. Either make use of your fingers as previously discussed or invest in a good quality wide-tooth comb to brush your hair.


Although all of these tips are essential, start the journey of taming your curly locks by first getting a haircut that suits your face, personality, and hair type. Getting a good haircut is necessary to manage those ringlets of yours. Appreciate your curls and your curls will work for you! Contact us to get a stunning haircut today!