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Hot New hair styles of 2016

It has always been quite a concern for every women to get a hairstyle that makes her feel Sexy and beautiful. It’s no secret that everyone is always trying to stay trendy and stylish and every year things are changing. It is no different now that 2016 is upon us, here are some tips on what’s hot this year!


Colored hair


The latest hair trends have revealed that colored hair is back in fashion. Red, blue and purple are definitely the hottest colors for the season. One of the latest coloring techniques is the Ombre style, this allows for you to have highlighted color without having to retouch it as often as foils. The second trendy technique of the year is called Balyage. Which is similar to Ombre but this method is more of a freehand art, where you paint the color onto the hair.

No matter what technique you choose, you must take proper care of your hair. Choose a professional salon with experienced stylist who take an interested in your hair care. Here at the Changing Room we have many experienced Stylist who do a fabulous job with this two processes (check our out Instagram!) and offer many hair care tips and products. Using a salon or stylist that is inexperienced will cost you time and money.


Long hair


Over the past few years short hair and pixie cuts were all the craze, however long hair is back in fashion. One popular way it achieve long hair, without waiting for it to grow is extensions. There are three different options when choosing extensions: tape in, Clip in or Micro link. Maintaining long extensions requires constant care. If they are not properly cared for it could result in damaged hair.  Consequently you would end up with split ends, breakage, and/or hair falling out.




Bangs looks amazing with any length hair, however they are usually popular with women who have broad foreheads. When making the decision to cut bangs, make sure you cut them at a length that is fit for your face. Be sure to use a stylist with experience to cut your bangs, it could ruin your entire hair style if not executed properly.


The “Shaggy” look


Everyone loves this look because it is easy to manage and looks great! Suiting many different face types and it’s simple. To accomplish this look brush your hair and set it with your fingers. Many stylist call it the “Morning” look because this style gives you the effortless straight out of bed look, yet still looks chic.




Mermaid and wavy hair are trending once more. Depending on your choice of style you can either go with loose or tight curls. There are different ways to set your curls, you can keep them open and let them fall or tie them up in a high loose bun. Fashion stylist usually suggest you keep them open with backcombing at your crown. Remember to keep your hair smooth and bouncy!