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7 Questions To Ask Your Hairstylist Before Coloring Your Hair

Are you getting your  beautiful strands colored for the first time or have you got it done several times? No matter how little your knowledge of hair coloring is, it is natural to feel a bit overwhelmed and to have questions prior to coloring your hair. A hair color appointment may seem to confuse you. So, prior to searching for the best hair color online, turn to your hairstylist for suitable solution. He/she would be able to rightly understand his/her  haircare concerns and what type of color and style will suit  them, especially if they have already colored their hair.


Asking questions to your hair stylist is a obvious  part of a hair color consultation. Here are a few suggestions that will help you in making points to be discussed with your stylist before your next hair color appointment:

1. Does this color suit me?

Pressing a  ‘Like’ button on a photo on instagram is not merely a sign to choose a hair color for yourself. From Facial features and skin type determine the right hair color  for you. For instance, if you have a fair complexion, complexion, bold silvers or ashy blonde will work for you. Your hair stylist would be better able to walk you through all such markers to choose the best color.

2. What type of color should  be used?

Permanent hair color basically changes the texture of your hair permanently. So, if you want to cover up your gray or white hairs, choose this, otherwise semi/demi permanent is the way to go. You simply need to ensure that your hair color comprises of PH balanced components. The color should be ammonia free for safe use.

3. What is the maintenance for this hair color?


Once you have finalised the color, explore about the upkeep your hair color will require. For instance, a vibrant red shade is amazing to look at, but will you be able to deal with the hard-work, his color needs for maintenance?

4. How  to maintain my hair color at home?

Do you want to maintain the tone, shine and texture  of your color? Color care at home is an essential part of this maintenance. Discussing this with your hair stylist will provide you with some valuable information such as he/she may recommend sulphate free shampoo. This shampoo will help in enhancing  the life of your hair color.

5. Can it cause irritation?

Are you sensitive to chemicals? Every skin reacts differently to  chemicals, products and stimulants. If you have sensitive skin, informing  your hair stylist about the same in advance is ideal. Having this discussion before coloring your hair will ensure that your hairstylist will use a safer product.

6. How long the hair color will last?


Some colors tend to fade fast while others may last longer. Your hair texture and the retention of color in your hair will play a crucial role here. Having this conversation with your stylist will help you understand your hair color and plan better.

7. What does the service include and how much it will cost?

Of course, no one likes to be surprised at the checkout counter. So, it is better to ask your stylist what exactly the service will include, breakdown of the cost and the ultimate price.

Hopefully, these questions will help you in being prepared  to get  a stunning makeover with the perfect hair color. If you have any more queries, feel free to contact us and ask our professional hair stylists.